Saturday, January 3, 2009

New house walkabout

Welcome to the 2nd day of January, I just realized that school is going to reopen in next Monday. This post I would like to show you some photos of my new house. I moved in on last year 07th of December, it's sunday so many visitors came in. No matter is chit chatting, drinking and eating, they were really enjoy in my new house.

So that my mum was happy and me too! Anyway below photos is taken on last year christmas eve night after countdown in town area.
Living Room
As the photos above, you can see that my dad was sleeping at the sofa in my living room. You can imagine that the most enjoyment in my new house.

My mum was so proud that she owned a new house and my dad was happy to have a new house and I realized that I have a wonderful family now! XD.
Plasma TV
Here is my Plasma TV. It's Panasonic brand, 42" HD ready with SD card slot! It cost about RM3784 like that. I think there will have a cable later to view the brighter in Plasma! Plasma good for Astro right?
Some decorations in my living room. When I opened the spot light, there seems like a 'palace' view! XD. Almost on top in the photos is already antique!
Dining Table
This is my dining table and also a costly marble table! My mum bought it from one furniture shop in Air Itam Heng Furnishing! My bed and cupboard also bought from there! Kind furniture dealer.
This kitchen is renovated by the passed owner. As my dad bought this house with 'second hand'. Although it is second hand, but the internal was still good enough! Just like the kitchen was still clean and full of the cabinets.
Master Bedroom
This is my dad and mum bedroom. Considered as Master Bedroom. Is it big enough? I measured the sideboard and still can put a 40'' LCD or Plasma TV. Good!
My bedroom
My bedroom here, it's still not yet full of furniture and stuffs. Going to add on!
Sister's bedroom
My sister and grandmum's bedroom. As the bed is belonged to my grandmum and my sister was sleep on the tilam which put on the floor! XD. But seems cool enough there especially at night!

I just make some picture showing for my readers, hope that you all can leave comment under this post! Thank you very much. I love my new house!


YouLoong said...

fuyoh ...
kena DAMACAI ?
or go rob ?
still want buy 40'' LCD plasma TV ..
quite rich ..
keep saying ppor ..
cheat d la

GenYong said...

@YouLoong Kena baru say lo! haha. 4D and Damacai so easy kena meh? Rob must plan long time. Not really can do it! Can you?

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