Friday, March 13, 2009

Settle down! Exam Ended..

Hey guys, for those students will feel very happy because of exam ended. Not only this, don't forget tomorrow is starting holidays for one week. Although it's not a long period time, but you can fully use up this week and refresh yourself or get ready to the new term.

Today suffered for the last two subjects test and ended for now. I feel some regret to my performance in test, I must work hard more! Anyway, during the week of exam I have some features would like to share with you all. Taking camera to school not my first time but taking without permit is my first. =)

Alright now let me show you some features and photos while shooting in school. Can you guess I shot? I shot my classmates! One of them is Walter Teng. If you are chung ling guys you should know him! He is Dr Teng Hock Nam's youngest son!

You can call him Walter!
Walter Teng

More features coming up, below let's enjoy the beatbox bring by one guy, guess la who is him? Posted by GenYong 13.03.2009


Anonymous said...

giv beatbox link...
buffering here veri slow la....

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