Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY Open House @ Guang Ming 2nd TAKE

Happy New Year, Gong Hei Fatt Choi, Good luck always and many nice words that you have been heard today while visit to relatives. Usually 拜年 is a traditional habit of Chinese, the meaning of Bai Nian means that going to visit friends, relatives to greet them have a happy new year and wish them good luck.

But as well, we will get angpows while the visitation. Hahax. How many angpows have you collected? I not yet make an analysis but I hope will get more than last year. Wish everyone here, Happy Moo Year and good luck OX Year!

Continue with recent post which I visited to Guang Ming CNY Open House on 17th Jan.
Making Ox?! #3
In the carnival, my dad participated the making 'moo' sound and stay still longest will get the prizes. He quickly called one guy and an uncle to join him as a team. The above picture show that the guy was perform out his skill to 'moo' longer. His wife or girl friend was there smile sweetly! Have you participated this kind of games?
Making Ox?! #2
Next was the uncle. Don't look this uncle like that on his health was extremely good! I guess he almost got 60-aged. They were challenge with each other but seems they can't survived much for the next round.
Dad be Ox?!
My dad's turn. I don't understand why my dad will stop suddenly and he was the shortest voice among three of them. Hahax! He said can't to the host and gave chance to others. My dad was so good. This need your energy in training your voice! It's a good game but I didn't participate in it!
Fill in
While we walked along, we saw many people crowded there and guess for the words. Some written 阿牛,牛头马面,牛魔王 and many more. I found that almost was related with Ox, why? Because this year is Ox Year!
There was a young girl describing the meaning of calligraphy and history of calligraphy to citizens and teenagers. After I took this shot, the young girl was found that I was weird and I smiled at her and she do so to me! Happy to see that and listen to her!
Caligraphy #2
I saw there were different types of calligraphy, some was really expert and some was okay. I think there contains different styles of writing. Although it was not that good but I believed that I can't get this good solution. Nice! Want to try?

Come la at SJK(C) Chung Shan on 08th of Feb morning to 'show off' your writing via CNY! COme on everyone is welcome! Thank you very much and Happy New Year. Posted by GenYong 26.01.2009


Anonymous said...

got good chance to meet girls!!!
aiyo!!! so stim la u
u should go to talk wif her ma....

GenYong said...

Wah Lim, so I must took you there. Hahax, just joking.
Alright but that time she was busy and just get her attention only la.
Next time ba! happy CNY.

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