Friday, January 2, 2009

Streets Name in Penang

Hey guys, what are you feeling in the first day of 2009? I was feeling happy and excited to look that 2009 is coming to our life. Yesterday many shopping complex were crowded of people. CNY 2009 is coming in the time 3 weeks more. Many chinese included my family was busy to do a new year shopping. That's why!

Today I would like to blog about the street name in Penang. I snapped this on last year while I walked about the town city. I realized that the State Government would like to add the chinese streets name in heritage site is useful! Chinese language can help the tourist from China, and I feel that chinese language for the street name is more meaningful and familiar!

So do you now this street name in chinese?
Lumut Lane
What's the name mean? Lumut not a place in Perak near Pulau Pangkor there? Actually when I took this random shot, I not really understand the meaning. But after read the description on the board and some survey of my friends, I just understand the meaning!
Lorong Lumut
This is the description board. In chinese pronounce is 无尾街 means 'No End Street'. When I read the title, I felt weird that how come this street called No End? Is it bring you to anywhere else until no end? Actually this street name was given by Basheers. They're history people!
Lebuh Carnarvon
This street is the one famous street in town city. Carnarvon means the name of the Secretary of State for Calonies in 1876, Lord Carnarvon. It considered as a big street and connected the street such as Chulia Street, Campbell Street, Armenian Street, Acheh Street and many more streets!

From my grandmum, she said that this street in long time ago was a 'bad street', why say so?
She said the traders were opened a lot coffin selling shops. But there is a passed, now the street is fulled of vehicles and the joysticks selling shop. Is just the only one coffin shop! So don't worry while you walking there.

For tourist, Penang Heritage Centre was there too. Go and visit with grabbing some brouchers about Penang. Thank you! Posted by GenYong 02.01.2009


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