Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Chung Ling Science Notebook

Hey guys here, I was manage to update this post as well by today because I found that there was little bit free for me now and I found a special deal from Chung Ling bookstore. Recently the chung ling bookstore was lack of stocks for their science notebooks. I don't know whether is this reason and caused the whole science notebook was changed. Changed to more "standard", are you agree?

By the way, I received this book from my friend today. He bought me back a new notebook and I found that's something new and more simple in front of the book cover. Let's take a short view there!
This was the new book cover for our science notebooks. There written is just 'SEKOLAH MENENGAH CHUNG LING' compare with the previously 'SMJK CHUNG LING PULAU PINANG', which type you prefer? But for me, I more prefer the previous edition.There was also lack of one row to write for teacher's name. For the new edition, there was only three rows and only can fit for Student's name, Class and Subject. No chinese words contains and only Malay words. Inside of the notebook, it is two page printed lines. Then I think there was quite a trouble for Sejarah and Geografi or else KH teachers to call students draw diagrams. It's more hard to draw on the lines page. It's not so comfortable for the new edition, I wondered that why they need new edition. Maybe changed a new company for printing?

Let's give a comment if you are Chung Ling guys and you received this book! Posted by GenYong 14.01.2009


Kelvin Kwang said...

you also didn't notice that back of our books also print wrong already

Abourezk James said...

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