Friday, January 30, 2009

Moo in da house

While I walked around the Guang Ming office, my dad guided me to the room of the office. He showed me alot of the Ox on top the table. I took out my camera and shoot for some photos, this let me think about one song今天你要嫁给我 means 'Jolin in da house....' That's why i named my blog post as Moo in da house!

Moo=Ox's sound, where the meaning came from! Do you want to look for those moo? Come and read about this post! Happy 5th day of CNY.
Chai Shen Ye #2
Before go into the house, we first observe the Chai Shen Ye. The DJ mentioned that he was the most good sign chai shen ye. I got a souvenir from him and seems he was to many 'fans' but I still managed to take the shot of him.
I missed this photos which described that antique is the one of the heritage. We must keep it as long as we can and now I believe antique were hike up the price and even no people would like to sell it.

I think I kept this computer for more 50 years la, then the price of this computer will be better. XD!
Next, we walked along the way of office. I saw there were many calligraphy products hanging on the wall. Let me realize that the strategy of writing those kind of calligraphy must have a good discipline and plenty of time to tackle for it.
OXs #1

OXs #2

OXs #3
Lastly, I would like to show you are the characters of this blog post. This year is Ox year, Moo ing along the street and heard people keep saying Cow, Ox and moo ing! So I would like to take oppurtunities to greet everyone happy moo year! Posted by GenYong 30.01.2009

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