Saturday, January 3, 2009

Next Year which class I go?

Hey guys from Chung Ling High School here, I ensure that you are looking forward for the best class to study. As me I don't border that whether is a good class or bad class, just a place for me to study then good enough! I received one blogger request that he want to know my class name and even he spam my site! I really can't suffer his kind of attitude! Really make me terrible.

Anyway, avoid in quarrel again, I hope that the person must think of people. If he/she would like to give you a surprise why don't you wait for it? Wait patiently and the answer will coming soon! Okay? =)Which class I go for next year? Now you will know! I really surprising while I received this letter from Chung Ling High School. So hopefully next year you can come 3TA1 to find me! Either is coming to find for problem or invitations, everything also can! Posted by GenYong 03.01.2009

2 comments: said...

last time my mark is about 40 to 50 only...lolz... last few class one...

lucky i still able to pickup at my college and uni time

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