Sunday, January 4, 2009

School is reopening tomorrow

Year end holidays is going to end by today. Tomorrow as well every students included me and my sister will going back to school again. Starting the new session for 2009! I am suffering in PMR while school reopen and it is the time for my sister to relax as well in the new high school!

So today it will be the last day for me to online whole day and see in front of the PC. Anyway, my resolution for study in year 2009 is:

  • I will try my best to concentrate in study
  • Try my best to achieve the good result in school examination
  • Participate more activities as well until the month of Jun
  • Organize more activity for society
  • Encourage the purpose of study to everyone as well
  • Do more charity service for school
  • Be kind with teachers and encourage the relationship with others

So if not mistaken this will be the last post before I stop online for one week. So hope that everyone won't miss me along and I wish everyone Happy Schooling! Enjoy the schooling fun! Good luck. Posted by GenYong 04.01.2008

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