Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally GenYong back online!

It's finally ended! Three weeks missed online now is time to relax. What I having this few weeks is study, study and keeping study. Now I had freedom! Do what I can do, yo anything recommend me? Anyway, this is the post that tell you I am back online! Let me think what can I show you, Some photos? Alright scroll down and see:
Just now I finished tidy up my text books that borrowed from school SPBT. Tomorrow need to give back to school. Use the books for one year, I feel that's proud because I still keep it in good and nice status before give back to the 'owner'. XD.

I think I really missed online very much. Firstly I will update all the blogs that I manage! Then let you have the surprise! Check it out! Posted by GenYong 06/11/2008


ghostcatcher said...

wah! ur books SO NEW!!!

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