Sunday, November 16, 2008

B2 UNITY Forum

Recently I was learning to create and host a forum for my class. Next year, everyone is going to other classes and I ensure everyone will miss their friends and memories that created in B2. I hope that everyone still can gather together through this forum, keep contact and stay touch to each other.

Actually I realized that hosting a good forum is not easy as you think! You must be patient and creative in topics that almost people like it! I just responsibility in adding new category for my friends to discuss and create a new topic! Alright, if anyone here know more about forum, please kindly contact me or leaving comments in here. I need to know your ideas! Feel free to visit? Be the member there and talk along whatever you want!

Just now I was just created a new banner for the forum by using Photoshop CS3.
I am trying to learn the skills of editing photos and many more! Check it out if you free, thank you very much. Posted by GenYong 16/11/2008


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It is true that building a forum is not that easy.I needs many ideas and it is really good to build a forum becaus through it every one can keep in touch.

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