Sunday, October 19, 2008

Penang Times Square

According to last post that I mentioned I will stopped blogging for nearly one month right? But now I realized that if didn't I update I will loss a lot of visitors! Anyway, as well I think this will be the last post before I going to run out for my final exam this coming Friday. Quickly post it as well! I need to say well done for the person who taking PMR just get the freedom now, just like Yong Seng and Chien Ming. As now they enjoy and relax for their time now!

Today I want to show you some photos that taken while I went to Georgetown and passed by Penang Times Square on last week. Penang Times Square is coming to open on this year end. I think the Christmas celebration or even New Year Countdown will be held at there. Check out!
Penang Times Square #1

Penang Times Square

Penang Times Square2
I think this building is named Birch Regency or Birch Suites. Anyway, I think this building is being for use on this year end plus KOMTAR new supermarket Pacific is coming to Penang. Next year Penang Georgetown is a brand new place for traveling. I need to say bye to everyone and I will back on 06th November 2008. Thank you! Anything just contact me! Posted by GenYong 19/10/2008


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