Thursday, November 20, 2008

Young Designer Arts Camp Day4 Part 1

Hi guys and gals here, I believe that to those who joined this arts camp during these 4 days. They will comment it's fun and interesting. Alright, I need to split the post into two post or three that I think. I feel really happy and fun while I was attending this camp and workshop that I joined (Silkscreen Printing). I learn a lot of skills there!

This post I start with the silkscreen that we made on that day.

Actually this two silkscreen is done in the darkroom yesterday. I snapped it as souvenirs here! We use the whole afternoon to complete this job yo~! It's not an easy job to be done. Anyway, the two designs here is design by our this handsome designer>> Zhao Wei. He is past YE designer!
Handsome guy!!
After settle down everything that needed for printing. We have games to release stress here, this games was conduct by Cindy. I remembered that is called something like the police with mafias games. I actually don't know everything, just follow up!


After the games, we have our process to print out the T-shirt by ourselves. The artist Fiqtriq was giving us some advice and speech about printing T-shirt. Everyone is putting serious and listen to him!
Giving Speech
I think the next post will be showing you about the process of making T-shirt by your own with printing! There's the product out there after successfully printed!
Please make sure you check out my blog post! It's coming to fantastic! LOL. Check out yo~! Posted by GenYong 20/11/2008

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