Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogging LIVE at my uncle house

Hey my blog readers here, I am currently using my uncle laptop to blog. As I also introduce him what is blog and he was successfully created his own blog. I missedonline this few days. As you know in people house is hard to use people things! XD.

Anyway, I also need to show you some portrait shot for my cousin yesterday in the playground. Yesterday midnight unluckily my camera 'touch' the road! Oh no, this happened while we were going out for supper at morning 3 o'clock yesterday. Dont know why is it me careless or sleepy, not careful drop it! Argh... very upset now because of my camera began not nice!
This was taken by me yesterday afternoon while he was going down to playground.This was taken by me too. My sister was holding Keegan boy and get me snapped it nicely!Nice shot! The both smiley face and Keegan looks so cute and my sister too. I remembered that time Keegan boy was very excited and happy! This post will be the first and maybe is the last post that I blog in my uncle house. I need to find out time to blog! When I back my home then I will continue for more posts! Please kindly check it out! Posted by GenYong 25/11/2008

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