Monday, November 17, 2008

Fuel price run down starting tomorrow!

From Malaysiakini , our country petroleum fuel price is running down 15 sen per litre starting tomorrow. So that conclusion is from RM 2.15 until RM 2.00. Overall this time the BN government is trying to adjust and care for the public. So avoid of the politics problem, we must happy with our petroleum fuel price go down again starting tomorrow! Have your nice day after tomorrow, the petrol price is remain as last time as usual! Congratulations. Posted by GenYong 17/11/2008


hyperX said...

We all should be happy for RM2 petrol. But the most important thing now is the government should force all manufacturers to reduce their product price.

Anonymous said...

hyperx I agree with you. Actually petrol price gone down, everything must follow gone down price! If not that's actually same with last time. Right?

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