Thursday, November 27, 2008

My cousin photos

Alright, guys and gals here. Sorry that I didn't reply you in chatbox because me currently still living in my uncle house. No much time to online and I didn't have my own laptop, so make less post this few days. If not mistaken, tomorrow I will going off to my own house back. Hope that I can have more time to blog it out!

There was some random shots by my sister just now.
Keegan with uncle
This is my uncle and his son Keegan boy. A quite cute photos here!
Keegan with cousin sister
My pretty cousin sister Ai Moon and Keegan have a nice flash light shot!
Keegan with cousin brother
Here my handsome cousin brother with Keegan also one shot!
Keegan with cousins
There a group shot with my cousin favourite stuffs, Mickey Mouse! Yo~! It's really cute and funny on this post. Hope you can enjoy it! More posts will going up and also more birthdays is coming soon. Wish all my readers who birthday this few days, Happy Birthday to you! All the best! Thank you. Posted by GenYong 26/11/2008

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