Friday, November 18, 2011

SPM mode moving forward!

Hi guys, sorry for never updates for a few days. Seriously I am having the SPM examination for 4 weeks in the month of November and early December. So my blog will have less updates then previous months. Less outing, less photos taken so less sharing too! xD. I will start posting about the Chung Ling Tri School Combined Graduation after my SPM examination. So stay tuned for it!
I had done the first week exam. Which done Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), English Language, Sejarah (History) and Mathematics. Finally I had done 4 subjects! 6 more subjects to go until 7th December 2011!
There are the Bahasa Malaysia, English, Sejarah and Mathematics papers!
The SPM stuffs is important for every exam day. You have to take the exam slip whenever you go into the class and taking the exam. Besides that, your IC must always with you, you will asked to put your IC on top left corner of your table! =)
According to the SPM timetable. Chinese will be the last subject for me! I am hope to finish it fast and also do well in exam too! Hopefully my efforts will bring me a big surprise after it! So far the exam questions were some easy but also some tricky! So have to encourage myself staying at home, facing at books... study more! After 7th December, I will be very very free! That time I can blog more, do more things, develop more stuffs! Posted by GenYong 18.11.2011


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