Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Action Group Farewell Lunch 2011

Last Sunday it was 30th October, I was invited by my service group in school there was Board of Action Group to have a farewell lunch together with my teacher advisors Mr Ch'ng and Mr Tan at Flamingo Hotel by the beach! There was so awesome and I was did myself the first time enjoy the valuable buffet lunch at Flamingo Hotel.
The food served there was not bad... Can be accepted!
The idea of having the farewell lunch at Flamingo Hotel was suggested by my teacher advisor Mr Ch'ng since he saw a deal from The Star paper. It was a deal of RM 25++ per person for buffet lunch at Flamingo Hotel on every Sunday! It was so awesome and worth it. That's why we went there to have our farewell lunch this year!
After taken a few rounds, we had full. So we did the payment and took some group photos there. The dining venue there was quite comfortable, there was a band play some songs to let all the audiences to enjoy their food and also listen to the comfort songs. Good!
After the lunch, we went down to the beach. The weather there was quite hot in the middle of the afternoon, the bright sun was shining on the beach there. It was a good atmosphere to have a picnic there or even play the water sports.
Oh yeah! After that, we took the chance to have another group photo again at the seaside. The sandy beach there was so clean and I was like the environment there! I hope that after my SPM examination, I could be there again.
Yes the best buddies of Action Group. My team mates starting from left Kwan Jin, Ju Kit and Ze Heng. All of us had served the school a lot! We did a lot of chairs and tables arrangement, venue coordinators, events set up and many more! We enjoyed the fun that we had together! =)
The Action Group teacher advisor, Mr Ch'ng and Mr Tan...
Our group Senior Executive Yik Xian and Eugene which from Form 6.
When come to the beach side, it's a good way to let everyone to relax their mind. Facing to the blue sky under the hot sun! It was amazing although there was so hot. As well as you could see that my team mates and teachers were enjoying there.
4 guys sitting on the beach chairs! It was taken inside the Flamingo Hotel which facing to the swimming pool. I like the atmosphere there because it was so peace there and I could heard the joy from those kids and also saw many people enjoying their lunch.
Before going back home, we did a lot of the group photos there. I seems turn fat a lot after having the heavy meal, have to on diet soon! =) But conclusion, the food there was quite nice and it was worth with the price RM 29 per person. It was served with the buffet style and you can take the food with unlimited unless you had full. You should go and try it! =) Every Sunday lunch time... Posted by GenYong 09.11.2011

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