Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Schooling Memories

I missed schooling... Previously I had graduated and ended my secondary schooling life! As now I am taking the SPM examination. 5 more days to go for the subjects and that means still 5 more days to stay together with friends and school mates. After this 5 days, we are going to separate! It's hard to reconnect with each other after that.
Usually in the row of B classes, everyday sure got people coming out and do something funny at the corridor. This was the unique style of Chung Ling! As a high school student, when you felt bored after the lesson in class, felt stress usually will come out from the class and take a look for the scenery, playing jokes with others. The action above is one of that, they were forcing someone to say out something!
There you can see when there were changing period, the whole class will turn to be empty and the corridor will full of those funny guys out there. As well as I am the one standing at the corridor too. Looking for the beautiful scenery, watching at different class, sharing something with other schoolmates. But now this already becomes the memories.
I missed the messy class too! Boys' class is always like that. Somehow when I took back something, they will feel interested on it and asked for permission to look on it. After I said there were recycled items, they will straightly spoil it! It's damn funny.
I missed the scenery in front my class. We used to watch football everyday when there were football training or PJ period. We watched other class having their PJ lessons, watched juniors playing football and sometimes could see band playing their music in the field and also some uniform units will marching on that field too.
That time, SPM examination is just around the corner. So everyone was busy preparing for the exam. Some of them rather than staying home prepare but we chose go to school and discuss with friends about some exam questions. Sharing and discussing with teachers too!
Lastly, I take a chance to take photo with my cooperative club ex-chairman Kah Lok. He was a funny guy too. He's from 5SA5 and he's awesome! He could manage his studies and scored his Moral subject for 100 marks in last year final exam. Good to know him since I was Form 1! I used to call him Kah Lok Zai always because he looks cute! But now everything had comes to the end soon. So I will appreciate this 5 days left, and of course fight until the end in SPM!! =) Posted by GenYong 22.11.2011


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