Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hitz! Discussion Reborn!

In the year 2008, I had created a blog called Hitz! Discussion. That time my objective creating this blog was come from my good blogger friend Nicholas Chan. He was discussing some hitz on his blog but now I think he already deactivated it. I deactivate this blog before and deactivated for 3 years! Until recently I found this blog back and would like to start it again. I changed the template, designed a new logo for it... it seems like reborn!
So feel free to visit it on Hitz! Discussion. After my SPM, I will update more about the hottest music, or latest music to share out with everyone! With a new theme there, "Hitz! Discussion, more latest hitz! discussing here!" So I am seeking for my blog readers to share your opinion there too! Take a look on it.... Posted by GenYong 22.11.2011

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