Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chung Ling Graduation Day 2011 (Part 2)

Continue with previous blog post about my Chung Ling Graduation Day 2011. After that we were taken to the school hall and ready for the formal graduation ceremony. Everyone seems to be excited for the graduation and act funny in the hall. But after the discipline teachers took control of all students, everyone turned to be more serious and concentrate on the ceremony.
They are my classmates this year, from left Jia Kuan, Boon Han, Zhew Huan and Chin Siang.

After the bored ceremony, we were arranged by the prefects to go back to class probably. I was disappointed to the program arrangement which did not include the LIVE Band performances session for all the graduates. It was so bored compared to previous years!
When returning to class, I was busy to take photos again. The first one, my best brother Ivan Lim and I. Ivan was a nice guy who helped me a lot in my club activities! Thanks a lot Ivan! =)
Yea! There were Darren Ooi and Kok Meng who from the next class. After graduated, it's the official "holiday". Wait... it's the way to the SPM baru betul, our holidays will start from 07th December 2011 onwards!
Myself and Derrick Chuah here! Derrick was a helpful guy who helped me a lot on the Mathematics questions and even Add Maths questions! I really thanks a lot to him!
Jian Hao and the football captain Yeong Shen!
Oh yea! Group photo again. All of them were funny guys in the school! But all of them were really friendly to everyone, you can simply talk with them, play with them and also have fun with them any time.
Both handsome boy! Zhao Yao and Lester.
I was so proud to have the chance to take photo with Jason Lee who was getting the best student award from the school department at the graduation ceremony! Congratulation Jason!
He is Chee Meng, another close friend of mine! He really helped me a lot while I was in the Interact Club Society. He was good enough and always bring me back when we were staying back at school previously.
Jyh Kae who is my classmates too. He is well in sports activities, no matter basketball, football or even handball, he could play very well on the game! Besides that, he was a nice guy at class and always share his ideas with us!
Wow! Yeong Shen was so exciting until jumped up to the beam of the class! It seems that he was so happy after studying 5 years in Chung Ling High School.
The ex-footballers in our school.
Oh yea. This photo was so awesome! He's gay... No la He's Ze Heng! xD
Group photo again among 5SB4 classmates!
You Loong with Chucken! Both of them look like the twin-brothers.
These shirts design were so matched! Yu Ki's shirt was showing that He's gay and Boon Han showing his shirt on Run For Your Life! So it was act like the drama. Not bad!
Oh yea! Congratulation to Ying Sheng for awarded as the best student leader in the graduation ceremony! He was so well known in the school and I very confirm that he was a good leader as he lead well in Police Cadet, Monitor Board, Graduation Magazine, Fencing Club and Nature Club as well. He's so good and also a nice guy too! =)
So glad to see everyone enjoyed the fun moments with us! This was not yet the last moments we met in school. Another graduation ceremony is coming on this Saturday (5th November 2011) I am looking forward for it with much excitement! Tri Chung Ling schools having graduation ceremony together, what a blast! Check it out this Saturday!

P/s: Actually the ceremony was not so great compared to last year. I feel that not enough and not grand enough for our last ceremony in Chung Ling High School. The ceremony seems to be too formal and no entertainment at all. Ceremony full of speeches, awards, and talks but no performances! To most of the students will feel that it was a boring graduation. Posted by GenYong 02.11.2011


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