Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seaview from Tanjung Bungah Beach

Two weeks ago, I had attended my society farewell lunch at Tanjung Bungah Flamingo Hotel. I took the opportunities to take the photo on the sea view on that place. I like the beach and sea view there very much as compare to my house here. I seldom could be there so I took the chance to capture some nice photos and share with you guys.
There, you can see the white sands there and there was not even a fisherman boat there. The sea was used as swimming, skateboarding, water sports and many. It was such a good leisure place that could be found in Penang Island!
Besides that, you can stand on the Tanjung Bungah beach facing to to the Batu Ferringhi residences buildings. The condominium there was up to at least RM 800K or even higher. It was a luxury place that most of the rich guys will be staying there.
This is the Infinity condominium that built up by the local properties company, Hunza Group. It was launched around 3 years ago and attracted a lot of house buyer to own it! The nice sea view and most of the housing units are facing the sea! I am not sure with the price and I think it will be keep on increasing as the marketing price!
Facing to the sea, there was two hotels there facing to the sea. One is Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel and another one is Flamingo Beach Hotel. Both hotels can be said as combined and shared for the sandy beach there. As I could see that most of the people will come to here and have the seaside activities such as sandcastle building and so on.
Inside the Flamingo Hotel, there contains of the nice swimming pool and also the building was seems to be so unique there! As for all the rooms there were facing to the sea. You can easily enjoy the sea view whenever you staying there for one day or even more! The windy atmosphere inside the hotel also another attractions for the people. Posted by GenYong 10.11.2011


FiSh said...

ehhh why so nice one. next time i wanna go there too :(

Ahning ♥ said...

I seriously love Paradise alot!
Went there once and have alots of fun with my relatives :D

GenYong said...

@FiSh Haha... that's the unique of Penang Island. Come to visit Penang Island more! After my SPM, I could show you the nice place of Penang Island! xD.

@Ahning hahaha yaya the sands there was so clean and soft! I like the place very much too. Must go frequently as a Penangite! hahaha

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