Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chung Ling Graduation Day 2011 (Part 1)

After 5 years in Chung Ling, I had graduated on 28th October 2011, that's mean I had ended my secondary education in Chung Ling High School as well. This year Chung Ling High School used to have 2 graduation ceremony for us, first one was happened last Friday and another is coming up on this Saturday. This Saturday will be a big graduation ceremony among the Chung Ling Private and Chung Ling Butterworth! I am looking forward it since I get the chance to graduate!
He is Aaron Lee.
Before the ceremony started, our class was having the nasi lemak party for the breakfast. Some of them bought Nasi Lemak to school and of course bought a lot. Some bought fried mihun to share with others too... My class was like a breakfast party class!
Action Group Form 5 committees group photo!
5SB3 and B4 classmates! =)
Actually we had quite a number of group photos with all classmates and also other classmates. The last happy moments we were sharing together, so have to appreciate it! I will take more photos with friends this Saturday as well.
Both of them were our graduation magazine hero. They are the producer for our graduation magazine that going to received in this coming December after SPM ends. Both of them were did a lot of jobs on producing Graduation Magazine, they are You Loong and Darren Ooi!
Yes as well as our school handsome guy Lester also taking photo with Wei Hean who was famous too in school. Anyway, after I uploaded this photo there was getting so many likes in my facebook profile! It was so amazing.
Lester and Justin Liew. Justin was with us in the Action Group for 5 years, I knew him since Form 1. He was a funny guy previously and now still got a bit funny and always making jokes for us to laugh, by the way he is a nice guy!
Yong Zheng from 5SB3 and also my classmates Brandon Chua, Ian Lim and Aaron Lie. 3 of my classmates were always pretend to absent because of sick, but actually they were so hard working staying home to have their study! Not bad la, but don't absent too many days la! Luckily they turned up on that day! xD.
Everyone stood outside the class, queue up and ready to go into hall. Everyone was turn to be so smart looked after wearing with the tie. It was nice to look everyone wearing white long pants with the tie! Smart guys there! =)
Here come the group photos series. Jyh Kae, Qi Xuan and also Jeffrey Leong was taking the group photo together outside the robotic lab. It looks like best brothers forever! =)
Group photo with 5SB4 classmates! =) We were so exciting on it!
Even walking on the steps of ladder also need to capture the photos. See how we appreciate the moments for being together as the classmates. This year was fun because everyone get the chance to go into hall and celebrate the graduation ceremony together. Thank you to Chung Ling!
Joel Shen smiling at the camera! He is an intelligent guy who pro in Maths and Add Maths and also Account as well. For his hobby is composing songs, singing and well in music! He was a nice guy and share a lot of happy moments with us in the class! The more photos will be continue in the next blog post! Posted by GenYong 01.11.2011

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