Monday, October 31, 2011

5SB4 Physics Experiment

About 2 months ago, we had done with the physics outdoor experiment which main to detect the carbon-14 molecules by using Geiger Muller tube device. Actually this experiment is based on the chapter 5 in Physics Form 5 syllabus Radiation sources to carry out on it. Our physics teacher was good and brought us to the field and detect about the carbon-14 molecules under the trees.
Nowadays, our school trees were labelled with the name. Yea this is angsana tree, I was just know that since I was in Chung Ling High School so many years. This labelling was done by our school nature club, they were doing the project to make the students more knowledgeable!
Yes he's my best bro ever! He is You Loong and he was same class with me on Form 1, Form 4 and this year Form 5! He is a good guy and he was willing to teach me some study skills sometimes.
What were they holding? Yes that one is mentioned as GM tube previously. It is used to detect the radiation of carbon-14 molecules appear surrounding the plants.
My classmates Ze Heng and Joel Shen were there taking the measurement reading on the angsana tree. They were so happy on using that device! Cool.
That day was the rainy morning. Most of them were wearing jackets. From the left until the right, start from the class monitor Ciao Hern, Yee Chuen, You Loong, Jyh Kae, Chea Yee and also the assistant monitor Yu Ki! Group photo together!
Ze Heng was there detecting another plant for it's carbon-14 molecules that appear in the measurement reading. Some part of the plants won't have the detection but some part like the roots part will have the detection of carbon-14 molecules.
Yea. I like green very much and thanks to Chung Ling having such a big scale of green environment surrounding us!
The view of Chung Ling High School again! Latest one! =)
Aaron Lee, Jian Hao and Yu Ki was taking the reading of carbon-14 from the plant. Three of them were playful with each other with the water droplets on the plant. That's why you could see them laughing non stop there! =)
Wow! When physics teacher were giving instructions and explanation about the experiment, Ze Heng and Yong Jian who were the expert long jumper were performing their skill on long jumping at the pool of sand! The shutter speed of snapping these photos were fast enough to see them jumping high at the sky!
Wah, what happened to Wei Hao and Jia Kuan? Hmm... what were they doing there? hahaa! Actually they were the best friend and requested me to take photos for them! =)
So after the experiment ended, we went back to class probably. I still remember that day was near to exam week so most probably many of them were not coming to school, so we study together as a group and of course making fun together as well! Posted by GenYong 31.10.2011


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