Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Belated Dumpling Festival

Dumpling Festival was a traditional festival for Chinese. In Chinese dumpling festival is called as 端午节 (duan1 wu3 jie2), this festival is celebrated due to the long long time ago there was a poet who call qu yuan 屈原 who dead because of his country. So the people make the dumplings, throw into the sea by riding dragon boat to prevent the fishes ate his bodies. That's why this festival also known as Dragon Boat Festival.
Yea! It's dumpling festival again. We have "bak chang" to eat. Usually my grandma (mother side) will make a lot of dumplings for everyone of us. Some of the dumplings distribute to KL cousins and some for Penang and even some for her friends too. I ate the dumplings for many years and really miss the taste that she put inside the bak chang! The taste was nice and there a lot of ingredients inside. I think it can be very high price if sell in market!
See! Inside the dumpling there are a lot of ingredients which contain mushrooms, salted egg, pork meat, nuts and many more! It was so delicious and taste good. I always like to eat my grandma's bak chang! When the festival comes, I am sure will be the first to ask her for that. It was so awesome! Thanks grandma =) Posted by GenYong 07.06.2011

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