Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charlie Brown's Cafe Tour

I was having the Charlie Brown's Cafe Tour at Straits Quay in the previous holidays. We didn't walk in to enjoy the meals and was just taking some shots outside the shop! Who is Charlie Brown? Charlie Brown is the owner for Snoopy! You can find out more about the story here!
Snoopy in the house! I was shared the photos at here and many of my friends were liked that!
This is the Charlie Brown's Cafe which located at Straits Quay Penang. It was not really opened such as Starbucks or Coffee Bean franchising a lot, but it seems to be unique due to the limited stores that can be found in the world!
My sister were there taking photos with Charlie and Snoopy!
That's my turn to take photos with my cousin together with the character Charlie and Snoopy!!
This scene was taken by a lot of visitor before... It looked so cute and it was suitable for children only. I am teenager now and seems to be funny standing at there with my cousin. I was bend down my leg to fit the image! Quite fun...
My cousin was so love to take photos with Charlie. As you can see, he was holding the Charlie and smile to the camera! =)
The light inside the cafe was so unique. When you got into there you will feel that you are at the children place. When I stepped inside the cafe, I remembered back my kindergarten life which full of cartoons and snoopy was my favourite cartoon characters at last time.
My cousin Keegan with the Snoopy! Inside the cafe, there was a lot of cartoons decorations which including Snoopy series. The whole cafe seems to be look fun and let those adults and teenagers feel that back to childhood! The environment is good but not yet try the coffee yet, any ideas? Posted by GenYong 23.06.2011

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