Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Mid Year Holidays now!

Yo guys, how are you doing there? It's holidays now! So I can spend more time on blogging. I would like to share something that I had done with my friends in this holidays. The 1st day of holiday, I was heading to Johor Bahru to attend Leo Forum 2011! Youth-Beacon of Change that's the theme, I will update it as soon as possible.
Yesterday I was having a good time with my president Lester, and my 1st vice president Huei Hong watching the movie "Diary of Wimpy Kids". I was no idea on the movie but after Huei Hong's explain then I take the "risk" to watch it! By using student card, I spend RM 8 for this movie at TGV Cinema, 1st Avenue!
It was really a good movie. This movie is converted the stories from comics... I like those characters and those funny scenes that they had made! Quite a good teenage movie. I think if this holidays you are free, have to watch this! Worth it...

I was first time being there (TGV Cinema) for movie. It was a good place and I can say that it was better than GSC Cinema. Not so crowd, seats comfortable, less advertisement before movie, nice popcorn and many more! But the tickets price definitely will be higher a bit! xD.
At the end, we are having some cam-woring on Transformers 3 that is coming on next month! 01st July 2011, The Transformers 3 is coming back! This time is talking about the moon adventures. This 3rd series still come with 3D, the Transformers fever will be back again! Posted by GenYong 01.06.2011

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