Saturday, June 11, 2011

Straits Quay The Seafront View

Straits Quay is a new seafront place in Penang. It was built and opened on last year end! This building was built by Eastern and Oriental Group (E&O Group). From my mind, E&O was operating a E&O Hotel at Upper Penang Road and was facing to sea too! Now their new spot in Tanjung Tokong was built the new housing estate Seri Tanjung Pinang!
Straits Quay, the best place is the sea side walk. When evening there will a lot of people brought their family, children together to walk and enjoy the sea view there. It was better than Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. The shopping mall was built right after the sea side... no road in front! This was good.
There you can enjoy watching the yards that parked there! It seems like a small terminal for yards. Enjoy viewing sea, enjoy the natural lifestyle there! Even in the middle of the side walk there is a "floating-stage" on top the sea!
At the night, you can really have a party there! The walkway was so large enough for those parties in the night. Enjoy the wind from sea side! Facing to the mainland and you can even shout loudly there when you are down. xD!
There was even a huge light house there! It was so nice and unique! This is called Penang Island, can have light house, terminal feri, sea view and many more related to sea! I am proud to be a Penangite staying in Penang...
My cousin Keegan was so happy to be there. He seems like so excited when saw those yards and asking which one! I was snapping some photos on him when he ride on the trishaw that displayed there and he also acted the funny scene when I snapped on him! Quite naughty la him recently. Keep on fighting with people, but still okay la, masih kecil lagi... xD!


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