Thursday, June 2, 2011

Youth Jam 11' is coming this weekends!

Yo guys, having holidays right? If you are staying in Penang, you will know that this weekends Penang is having a large Youth Festival which called Youth Jam 11'. Usually this was merdeka event in previous years but this year they moved it to the mid year holidays to let more teenagers get the chance to participate on it!
What to do in Youth Jam? Actually Youth Jam is just like a Youth Carnival for teenagers to enjoy themselves within the events that organized by Penang Youths!
For your information, this event is sponsored by Animax, Sony, Penang Times Square! Event partners such as Fly FM, 8TV, DANZITY, Red Box, Exabytes and many more! There are so many events and showcases bring to you by the organizer! So mark down your date:

Date : 4th June 2011 & 5th June 2011
Time : 10.00am - 11.00pm
Venue : Penang Times Square

So this weekends, see you guys there! Come on rocks in Penang!! Posted by GenYong 02.06.2011


wilson beh said...

Thanks for the post! Good blog! Cheers

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