Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guppy Fish Competition 2011

Yo guys, how was your holiday? Yesterday was Agong's birthday and it was a public holiday. So I was outing with my family members together with my KL cousins. We visited Gurney Plaza after our lunch. I saw there was crowded of people and many events there, one of the event was the Guppy Fish Competition.
This year is the 2nd year that the Malaysia Guppy Fish Society organizing this Guppy Fish Competition. This event was promoted by many sponsors and partners.
There were many fish tanks there and they were having the Guppy Fishes showcase for the public. Many parents brought their children there to have a look on the guppy fishes! Some of the guppy fishes are really nice.
Some of the big boss were there to look for their favourite guppy fishes. Since this is a charity event but I don't know how they do this as charity. Maybe competition or guppy fishes sales? I think Guppy Fishes are not cheap and even the fishes that with nice pattern.
The organizer was taking out some guppy fishes, I think is for sales or perhaps for fishes fighting competition? This one I not sure. But their aim is to raise fund for Japan due to the tsunami cases that happened in the month of March.
Besides that, they also having a children colouring contest there and it was open to every children to join in the contest. I am not so sure whether any more competitions going on but I saw there are a lot of prizes to gives out.

This event was held at Gurney Plaza for 2 days that's from 4th June 2011 until 5th June 2011. So if you free and just visit there and do some charity works! Guppy Fish in Penang. Pi Gurney Plaza! Posted by GenYong 05.06.2011


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