Thursday, March 31, 2011

Penang Sakura 2011

Recently Penang Sakura is back! A spring blossom atmosphere had came back to Penang since year 2008! If you are the Bayan Baru resident, you should know where to see this scene! It's located at Sunway Tunas housing estate which near PISA, DPiazza and also Pantai Hospital. Along the road to Sunway Tunas area, you could see the trees which full of the spring blossoms flowers!
The photo above showing the real atmosphere there on 30th March 2011 when I walked along there! I think if you are interested on taking photograph, should go for it now!
The trees are full of the blossom flowers. There are two colours which are white and pink! That place now really a good place to take photograph especially for the wedding photos! xD. This place will be a very romantic place since it also located at the local place, more convenient!
I like this shot so much! It seems like I am at Korea. But I am only at Penang, Malaysia! That's why people call those flowers as "Penang Sakura" as well.
The flowers fall at the roadside and formed a very nice effect on "decorating" the road side. It seems like snowing around that area and really a nice scene! This scene will happened every year but the view for every year will be different. So now you can still go! Come on... go for it! Posted by GenYong 31.03.2011


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