Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Star Education Fair 2011

The month of March, education fairs are all around the corner in Penang, KL, Johor and many more places. The purpose of having Education Fair is to introduce colleges and universities for Post-SPM students to continue their Pre-U study!
On February 20th, The Star Publication had organized the Star Education Fair at Penang International Sports Arena. It was just like last year which contain quite lot of universities and colleges to do some introduction on their courses that provided.
Inside the Sports Arena there were up to 100 universities or colleges to participate on this education fair. I was there in the evening of last day so I just managed find some courses that I am interested on!
So do you have any ideas on what to study now? If not yet, kindly go for Education Fair or Colleges Open Day! Choose the right way, get the good career! xD. Posted by GenYong 15.03.2011


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