Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Penang State Government CNY Celebration 2011

Hey guys, let us back to some post that I haven't post finish for this year Chinese New Year. On the 4th Day of CNY, Penang State Government had organized a CNY Celebration which opened to everyone at Balik Pulau New Market. I was there for about 2 hours to witness the event being started.
The event site was started to have crowds since 6.00pm on that day. Most of the participants was the local people there! Really I could see 1Malaysia inside which contains of Chinese, Malay and Indian! xD.
As you can see on the photos. The crowds were increasing when the sky turn dark. Some of the old citizens were there sitting down and waiting for their sons or daughters to treat them on the free food that provided by government!
Then we walked around the exhibition area and saw a lot of unique items. I saw some exhibition stalls talked about Balik Pulau History, Balik Pulau Local Features, Chinese Traditional Collections and many more. One of them is one brother who was pro in calligraphy were there writing the calligraphy for people! Nice handwriting and beside him is selling those unique items that selling good in China.
Besides that, there were 4 stages all together for that event! At one of the stages, I saw the performance from Phor Tay High School boys playing on the 扯铃 and they were so amazing because every time when they doing skills, many people will give a clap to them! Really good.
After that we saw one uncle was drawing something colour that attracted my eye side. The multi colour and the bright of the light was attracted people go and buy! Nice...
So upnext we waited until those VIPs coming and we had a free dinner at the side which provided by the Penang State Government. Chief Minister YAB Lim Guang Eng was hosting the opening ceremony and this ceremony had certified by TYT Tuan Abdul Rahman follow by 1st Assistant Chief Minister YB Mansor!
Wow everyone was inside.. It seems like a christmas party more than CNY Celebration! Everyone was getting high on that day and tasted a lot of CNY Free Foods. Penang State Government really a good government for Penangites. They provided free shuttle bus service, invite everyone to join the celebration and many more else! Posted by GenYong 15.03.2011

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