Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chung Ling Education Fair 2011

After the Star Education Fair which held at PISA, my school Chung Ling also organized an education fair for students. This event is annually organized by The School Counselling Unit and it is opened to public for visiting. This year the education fair have 66 universities or colleges from local and international came to participate in this education fair!
I love the design so much! This year the theme of the education fair is more simplicity compare to last year. The creative artwork had attracted me! Too bad that time I was quite busy and didn't have the chance to take a photo inside the background!
My friends, Jia Liang and Bin Hong were there guiding me on which exhibition site to visit. That day I stay back to visit for further information. Some colleges exhibitors had left but majority were stay up until 4pm.
As you can see the education fair had attracted the Chung Ling students and also the Penang students to visit. Many choices were there for you to choose! Asking is always free so you can know more after you asked questions.
In the afternoon the crowd wasn't so packed anymore so I could ask more about that. Besides that, I also take some test from counselling unit to see that what career suitable for me in future. I also take a survey from the outside counselor to direct me to which career based on my interest! I really learnt a lot from this event! Thanks to Counselling Unit and I tell myself to score well in SPM in order to have good further studies!! Posted by GenYong 16.03.2011


yihan said...

Some colleges had left when I reached there after school.........=X

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