Monday, April 4, 2011

KL Uncle's New House Warming

Last month I went KL with family was celebrating the house warming of my KL uncle. Can be say that we went there for the purpose of attending his new house warming which located at Puchong. Traveled quite far distance to reach there and stay up for only 2 days then back to Penang again.
My uncle's new house was bought since last year. After the renovation, they managed to move in before Chinese New Year. Actually he bought this home as the second house owner, this housing estate was built quite long time already but the environment inside was so cool! Still gated community, good!
We were taking those food which made by my aunt to there for extra add ons! From Cheras delivery the fruit tarts to Puchong was quite a distance ya! xD. Anyway, the housing estate there was fully lived by people, some of them really rich until extend out their house near the road.
The interior design of his house was quite modern and unique. Compare to last time before renovation, totally a big difference! The main door had moved to the centre and the wall was painted in the trendy colour and the kitchen remain but still very nice!
Wow delicious house warming dinner! We enjoyed very much when having the dinner and started to chit chat from 6.00pm until 11.00pm! My uncle also invited his friends and colleagues to come over on witness his new house! I wish I can be there for a night but too bad the time was not allow me to do so. So I just can say next time when I go to KL again... I will be there! xD. Posted by GenYong 04.04.2011


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