Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 1st Term Test 2011

Exam, Test always make students stress but no matter how, we still have to face it! Somebody prepared early in the month and somebody catching for last minute study. For me I study while exam and I feel that it was quite tough to study like that. So I tell myself to study before a month when exam starts! Alright let's take a look on the revision session while waiting the next paper to start:
Early in the morning, when everyone arrived to school will automatically take out a book and continue their study. Somehow everyone already study at home and that time was just a short revision and the time was really packed.
That's what we have to study for Chinese! Memorize the old version language and translate to new version of language! It was quite tough and really wasting time because it might only come out for 3 questions instead of this long passage!
My buddy You Loong was so hardworking on trying those maths questions before having the real test paper. He was really a hardworking boy!
Zhao Yao who was also aimed high for his studies, revise about the maths formula before having the paper. Good job!
Yong Jian seems like study finish on that time and keep on walking to make some discussion with everyone. His discussion mostly falls on those subjects and also he reminded me a lot of formula too!
Ace Ang taught You Loong Maths questions whereas Ciao Hern who was my class monitor also try those maths questions that provided by teacher. For myself I just take some photos to post up at blog and after that study with them as well! This time exam, I really suffer with bad result seriously! I want myself to achieve better on next exam! xD. Posted by GenYong 15.03.2011

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