Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011 KL Trip

In previous one week holiday, my dad had brought us to KL for one day one night! That schedule was quite packed due to my KL uncle's new house warming. Since he invited us, so we travel from Penang to KL for the purpose of attending his house warming.
When we arrived at KL that day around 3pm like that, my cousin Crystal Moon drove us to Leisure Mall to have late lunch or tea break! When I walk in the mall, I saw that there so many restaurants in one corner and most of the restaurants were quite popular in the town! Cool.
My auntie was there and she suggested to treat us 6 persons for Sakae Sushi lunch! It was new opened outlets for only few months. If compare to Penang, this outlet was more high class and most of the service crews were chinese.
Here come some group shots. This is my sister and I at the Sakae Sushi!
My KL cousins! From left Crystal Moon, Ai Moon, Hao Ming and Jun Meng!
My sister and auntie together with the naughty Keegan boy! xD..
We had quite lot of sushi and some delicious dishes there. I will show in the HouLiao food blog soon! As you can see my naughty Keegan boy cousin was so excited on ordering the sushi and other dishes. He was the loyal customer as my uncle always brought him to Sakae for sushi! At the end my auntie was spent up RM 160++ for treating us the sushi lunch! xD.
After billed for the food, we walked around the mall and saw this stall! My auntie was joking with us say that better still we bought back this with RM 160! We can eat non stop at home for sushi! The prices for this sushi was really cheap! 1 pack even RM 1.00, the workers there were making on the spot! Cool. I hope that Penang has this too!

KL Trip posts... more to come! Stay tuned here... Posted by GenYong 22.03.2011

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