Thursday, March 17, 2011

Setia Pearl Island CNY Celebration 2011

Talk back to CNY! I think few more posts I could complete the whole CNY series. Anyway, let's see on the Setia Pearl Island CNY Celebration that held on the end of the CNY on February. I was there after I visited the Star Education Fair.
If I am not mistaken, this is not the first year Setia holding such kind of events. I think this will be the most grand event before. For your information Setia Pearl Island was located at Sungai Ara which now already developed as the new town which near Penang International Airport.
Setia Pearl Island had provided the food stalls to visitors and they also gave out each person 1 mandarin oranges at the entrance. This year the stage was located inside the Semi Detaches houses and it's quite hard to find. Outside still have polices take care of security! This event was quite grand and attracted many people to come.
As you can see they were spending a lot on this event and the stage was so grand and nice!
Wow! There were crowded of peoples there! No matter you are chinese, malay or indian you were all the guests in the event on that night! Most of them were coming to take a visit on the show village at the hill. This time Setia really earned a lot! Too bad I left earlier due to I was cycling there and I missed the fireworks. From my house, I can heard the sound of fireworks for 10 minutes and I believe that it was a grand fireworks ever!!

So if you're interested to visit Setia Pearl Island, you can just contact up me and I will take you there! xD Posted by GenYong 17.03.2011

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