Saturday, March 12, 2011

5SB4 Buddies (February Series)

Previous month 25th, we were all allowed to bring our camera to school for graduation photos shooting. So I also took my "little cutic" digital camera to school. Since I don't have a DSLR, so my photos compared to them was a bit different!
Alright, let me introduce to you my classmates. This guy who holding the DSLR is Zan Wei *周公Online GameMaster! xD. Why we will called him like this? Because he was sleeping always in the class during the lesson. 周公 is a person that everyone will meet while sleeping... so playing 周公 online means that you are sleeping! Funny right? xD.
He is You Loong *Bear Bear! What a cute name right? But cute name suits his cute face! Really smooth enough! You Loong was same class with me for 3 years including this year! I known him since I was form 1 we were from 1T14 then 4SB3 and now 5SB4! I would like to thank for his helping on my homework! He was really a good boy! Result good, activity good, sports good, social good!
He is Aaron Lee who is the top singer in the class! He was very active on socialism activities. He likes to perform and also a choir club member! Seriously he can sing very well and he was a song composer too! This guy quite funny and also friendly! hahaa.
He is Wei Chong *Joey. I don't know why he used Joey as his name in Facebook but I think maybe this name quite meaningful to him... because this might be his 1st girl friend's name! xD... Just guessing, seriously i don't know! Quite a friendly guy and good in maths and science even English too!!
They are Wei Hao and Chin Siang, both looks like brothers. Because of same area, same primary, they being like brothers from primary until now! Wei Hao was same class with me on form 1 and this year! Still remember he was just a name before You Loong. Both of them shared the surname of Yeong! Wei Hao and Chin Siang were quite good and friendly too! Not bad not bad!!
They are Qi Chen and Joel Shen. Both of them are orchestra members and they are quite friendly and having friends around! They will discuss their homework together, chit chat together and sharing ideas together.
He is one of the B4 hero in class! Chee Wei was same class with me when I was form 1. Still remember that he was the most active in class on that time and he was quite good on doing volunteering works! He was the good boy and being trusted by Cikgu Cheam who was his teacher advisor.
These are some funny scenes that happened while Malay Language period. Our malay teacher Cikgu Wong was a good guy but always being bully by us! I don't know why they don't like him so much and always play with him. He was teaching me since last year for malay language. But seriously, I am not so understand on what he's teaching.
Here come some group photos, You Loong and Wei Chong were taking the close brothers photo shooting style! Both of them really looks like brothers but some of them said more look like couples! This is because their faces were so smooth!
After that we also camwor-ing in class from left is Ze Heng, me and Joel Shen.
That period we still having the oral test for malay language! Quite a fun day with camera in class... Not only this, more photos are coming soon. So stay tuned on my blog! I will update more in this holidays. Posted by GenYong 12.03.2011


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