Thursday, March 20, 2008

CO-OP 4th Trainning Camp Part 1

Hi guys, today Malaysia is holiday! A cool public holiday, but I just stay at home continue my projects. Now quite boring so blog lo! Remember that last week I attended the CO-OP Training Camp. That was a cool but quite boring camp, XD! =) Actually this camp let me have fun and learn somethings.
Camp Gambling
When I arrived the camp, that time is about nearly 9pm. They started gambling, some play basketball in class. Do you believe even got peoples played football in class? They might be crazy, I didn't shoot because scare of my camera 'injured' LOL.

Basketball Match
This was the 'NBA' match of the whole Penang State. They were pro players. I watched two matches! That's cool! Got 'lenglui' there oh! LOL.

Buying Club-T
Next morning, we decided to go Komtar for our journey. But you still remember my recent post? There was a quarrel on that day. So the supervisors of CLHS called us to stop the trip! This photo was show that the members were buying the Club T.

NBA Players
Wow, pro players. Can't went to Komtar, play basketball in school la! This was fun, but tired! Midnight play games and play basketball, do you believe? They might be crazy! LOL.

Gamb Again
Haiz... Gamb again! They really crazy. Although lose or win, still keep playing! What games they play? Big Two? Casino? Don't know! LOL.

Part 2 will be in next post! Posted by GenYong 20/03/2008

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