Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally finished my History Project!

Hi guys, if you follow me on my twitter, you will know I'll be online on Wednesday night. As now why I will online? Is because my Science Project. Now rushing time to finish two projects. In holidays, finally I completed my History Project. Let me show you my History project:
History Project
I finally done this! Really rushing! LOL.

Science Project
Now, I am rushing for this project again! Peka Science! Important for me in PMR. Have to rush complete it, must be hand up on 28 March 2008! XD =)

This is my only reference to complete my science project. There got some notes I needed! The first day in school knowing some test marks, bad me. Not a very nice marks that I targeted! Haiz... need to study hard lo! Just stop at here. Posted by GenYong 17/03/2008

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