Sunday, March 9, 2008

Penang changed Government!

Hi guys, I know that everyone was feel suprise on this election. Not even Penang, other states also under DAP, such as Kedah, Perak and many states. Other result you can check on More other blog of DAP surely you can login this website to check out. This of course make many of DAP's supporters cheers! Even the famous blogger, Jeff Ooi was very suprise and happy on it! Next time DAP is our government of Penang! BN nothing to say. As Dr Kor Tsu Koon no comment and felt so sad. Dato Lim Guan Eng(DAP director) will be Penang 4th principal. Dr Teng and Dato Chia must be more hardworking to get better result next 5 years later la! This will Penang new life on future! DAP won much in this election, congratulations!
New Government of Penang
The header of Guang Ming today.
BN control Malaysia
Although the elections over many changed of other states. But BN still control Government of Malaysia. But they are not majority of 2/3 seats yet! Waiting for final result! Do you feel excited to know that who will be our new government? Alright, I just notice that this news. Posted by GenYong 09/03/2008


kang yong said...

maybe the next election, DAP will rule and pawn BN...

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