Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Election Day, what are you doing?

Hi guys, this might be the delay post of my site, this suppose have to post at last few days ago. Alright, just ignore the date okay? Anyway, this election 5 states is under opposition, such as Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor. As me in Penang, all the parlimentary peoples all changed! Dr Kor Tsu Koon didn't be Penang prime minister again, is Dato Lim Guan Eng turns. Rocket is not opposition now! Haha. This was joking by other peoples.

What are you doing on election day? As me, I can't vote, but I followed my mum went to town. Just passing by look at peoples vote! LOL. But I saw somethings interesting, discuss with you all! Let see:
BN car
The car was hanging a lot of BN flags. BN supporters? Might be! Nice look if put flags on your car? LOL.
BN bus?
At the roadside, I saw some cars hanging BN flags. Cool at them! Just look at the bus, hanging BN flags.


PAS banner
Welcome to the station of PAS! The PAS members provide them foods, drinks and many things. Just important you must vote them! Haha. If not spend so much for what? XD!

Alright, now I am still busy on my projects. So this few post might be not look so nice! Sorry for that. Tomorrow night until Saturday I will stay in school for 4 th CO-OP Camp. Will be fun? Hope la! Posted by GenYong 12/03/2008

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