Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Government of Malaysia

Hi guys, this few weeks still worry about the election? Many peoples because this upset, also got peoples happy! Got peoples anxious, got peoples support! Anything, today newspaper announced the totally of New Government of Malaysia March 2008.
New Government
Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi announced the new government of Malaysia.

No chance!
Dato Seri Abdullah's son-in-law was no chance to continue his job! He caused BN lose much seats. This was just heard from other peoples!

Gerakan no peoples?!
Gerakan no peoples?! Just only two new peoples to form into new government. This time Dr Kor Tsu Koon very dissapointed at the election result! Gerakan lose Penang, other places not actually won also! Sad.
New Government List
Finally, the list from Star Paper. Majority is form by three religions, this shall be good ready la! Don't quarrel anymore!
We want a Safe, Peace and Flourishing Malaysia!
Thanks! Posted by GenYong 19/03/2008