Monday, May 14, 2012

New Look in Chung Ling

Hello everyone, I am back and I hope I can update my blog more frequently starting from now! Anyway, college life is really a big different from high school life! What's that differences? High School life was full of laughters, fun, noise and many more... High School we used to be naughty, hanged out around and so on made funny actions in school compound. These were all become the previous memories...
Last Friday I had visited back to my secondary school Chung Ling High School. Everything there had changed, changed to be more high standard in facilities, outlook and many things! It suits to be the international institution now! Really a good one.
From the new outlook, I get attracted to visit back my previous school. Somebody in early of the year still sharing on facebook said that Chung Ling High School is really a "Clean" school, why clean? Because yellow in Malaysia nowadays already become the famous "Bersih 2.0" theme colour. It was cool!
I was glad to see that the new school board of directors spent a lot of money on upgrading the school facilities. Although we no longer studying there, our hope is for our school can be better and nicer! The environment inside the school has improved a lot since last year. More trees growing, more facilities to use, more teachers and students studying there! That's the ChungLing big family! =)
Overall I can say that my high school had turned to be more awesome than last time! When I came to in front of the school hall, guess what I saw? I saw a unique things for both in front of the school hall. After I heard from my friend said those are the Feng Shui stuffs in order to make ChungLing turn more rich. I not very sure with that, but I hope that ChungLing get richer and share the rich moments with all the students ya! Posted by GenYong 14.05.2012


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