Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Wonderful Teluk Bahang Trip

It was happened on last Friday also, cool I wondered how come last Friday I was so active in outing! Hahaa. However I need to thank you Rapid Penang for providing me the opportunity to travel Teluk Bahang for my first time there! I went to Teluk Bahang after my Gurney Plaza random shopping, it was the hot afternoon which sun shines brightly on the sky!
Tesco Tanjung Pinang
Penang Swimming Club
It takes up me about 2 hours of time to travel there. But from Gurney Plaza to there which I hop on the bus 101 it takes me 30 minutes to reach the national park at Teluk Bahang. On the road I was sitting on the bus and enjoy looking on the nice scenery of seaview! As well I took photos along my trip to Teluk Bahang.
Yes that's me on the bus! My expression was weird due to the hot weather and the sun shines brightly to my face! Along the trip to Teluk Bahang, there was a lot crooked road to Batu Ferringhi. It was quite exciting when sitting on the bus, seems like sitting on roller coaster! xD Along the way to Teluk Bahang, I had travel along those hotels in Batu Ferringhi such as Lone Pine, Golden Sands, Hard Rock, Park Royal and many more!
Yes here I come! Finally I had arrived at Teluk Bahang National Park. The bus stopped in front of the entrance and the driver showed me the way to National Park. It was free of charge and I just have some random visit to the seaside. I like the sea jetty there which built by the fishermen there! It looks pretty cool.
These are some random shots before I walked on the jetty and out to the sea. The scenery there was so nice and of course the seaside there was clean and fresh. The sea water was much better compare to Gurney Drive or Queensbay... It looks so clear and clean. Really a nice place!
Yup! I was standing on the jetty which covered to the front part of the sea. The feeling was so cool when I was standing on top of the sea and looking around. I was very careful and take care of my belongings to prevent any of them fall into sea! 
A nice scenery view there. It's a long distance from the seaside to the end of the jetty, I didn't walk until the end because I was afraid. I was not confirm whether the structure of jetty is stable or not, if not stable I will fall into sea then! xD. There were a lot of fisherman ships or fish boats there. I think this is also a place for all the fishermen in Teluk Bahang to gather!
I missed the beautiful scenery there. It's a good place to have the portrait shot there too, especially for those couples who are planning to have a series of couple shots. Nice and Natural! I was first time there and really get attracted by the beautiful scenery, it's located at the top north of Penang Island! 
After visited the National Park, I walked out from there which is the Teluk Bahang fishing village. All the residents there were friendly to guide those tourists in visiting their place and also sent us the warm welcome. The road there was straight and low traffic, it's a nice and peace place to stay and visit!
Before I leave that place, I took some memorable photos to show that I been there before! However, it's really a nice place and you can put yourself in natural if you're living there! I hope one day I can own myself a house near Teluk Bahang so I can always visit to Penang National Park! =)
it's by the sea, coming soon in this year! It's located at Batu Ferringhi which plays the role to become a luxury seaside resort too. Will check it out when it is open! So do you like Penang Teluk Bahang? I love it very much and really thank god for giving me a chance to visit there! Posted by GenYong 17.05.2012


Camy said...

wow u walked all the way there?

GenYong said...

@Camy hahaha no la... impossible! I hop on bus 101 to Teluk Bahang and walk into the National Park lo... just simple visit only! Hahahaa.

Maxloon120 said...

I'm going over to Penang too, this coming November^^

GenYong said...

@Maxloon yes welcome to Penang... it's a beautiful island..

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