Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vogue for Virtue 2012

Vogue for Virtue is the annual event for Queensbay Mall during the month of April. V is the theme! This event was also known as a charity fashion show that open to all the Malaysian especially Penangites to have their chance participating in modeling contest. This was also a major event for Queensbay Mall, every year the same place that's happening there!
On 21st April 2012, there was a charity fashion show took place in the Central Zone of Queensbay Mall! There were a few Malaysia popular celebrities like Amber Chia, Carmen Soo, Steve Yap, Hanson Lee and many more. From my opinion I think this charity fashion show is the way to show out the love or caring we had to the community and also to those who need!
Besides that there were some model search auditions which provided the platform for Penang handsome boys or pretty girls to perform themselves in modeling contest. From that on, they did the brands modeling fashion show on that day. Quite a number of retailing brands had sponsored in this event such as Jefferson, Poh Kong, Mirror, Padini, Springfield and many more!
I went to witness the show while I was having break time. When I was there the show is almost ended and it's the time to announce for winners. They whole central zone of Queensbay Mall were crowded of people since that day was also a Sunday, everyone came out and shopping! I would like to congratulate the winner for both categories which is male and female category!
Malaysia Popular Model Celebrities Amber Chia was there announced the winner for male category and given the award to the winner! I don't know his name but he was so handsome and many girls were mad on looking him and keep on screaming! The atmosphere there was quite high and everyone cheers when the winner has been announced!
At last before the ceremony ended, every participants had come out to show the congratulations to both winners of the year. Every participants were dressing nice and no wonder the judges said that it was hard to decide who is the winner. Although the winners has announced, every participants was showing their fully support to both winners and some of them promised to come back and participate in next year!
Yes, the group photo of the day! All the model search contestants had come out to have the group photo. In the event you could see there were a lot of pro photographers holding their DSLR with the multiple zoom lens and some cool gadgets. I was just standing at the back and snapped some random photos that's quite enough for myself! =) At least I can get something for my blog post.
After the event had ended, everyone grabs the chance to have a photo with Amber Chia. I didn't get involved in it and was just looking them for the photos. So as well, I just did some random shots on Amber Chia. I can say that Amber Chia is still looking young although she already had one son! This event was nice and I hope that it can be continue for the following years! Vogue for Virtue... =) Posted by GenYong 12.05.2012


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