Friday, April 27, 2012

it's La Kaffa Ipoh

La Kaffa coffee is a well known coffee like Starbucks or Coffee Bean that originated from Taiwan. It was manufactured by the La Kaffa International which founded in the year 2004 starting with the brand of Chatime. I think everyone knows Chatime of course in Malaysia, but for La Kaffa that's still strange to most Malaysians.
By the way, La Kaffa is 80% focusing on coffee whereas 20% on tea which directly inverse with Chatime! Recently in the month of March, my boss had opened a new kiosk concept outlet at Ipoh which was also the 2nd outlet in Malaysia. Coming soon in the month of May, there will have another outlet in Penang too! Hints for you... Queensbay Mall!
This is the view of La Kaffa coffee kiosk in AEON Station 18, Ipoh. It was nice and the working place for us were quite suitable. It was located near the Popular Bookstore and also nearby the AEON departmental store at the 1st floor.
Here are some photos about the brand of La Kaffa in AEON Station 18, Ipoh. The top 6 brand recommend were Tiramisu Late, Quartet Iced Coffee, Sea Salt Coffee, Oreo Cocoa Frappe, Strawberry Smoothie and also Earl Grey Pearl Milk Tea. Especially Quartet Iced Coffee, it required a lot of steps making it. The sea salt series such as Sea Salt Coffee and Sea Salt Rose are the special one in Malaysia!
The front and back view of the La Kaffa kiosk...
This is the menu for La Kaffa coffee.. they are divided into 7 categories such as Hot Coffee, Sea Salt Coffee, Frappe Series, Iced Coffee, Latte Coffee, Double Chocolate and also the Fresh Iced Tea series... In the iced tea series, I was specially recommended the white grape iced tea and also the mulberry iced tea, both of them are the best taste among all the iced tea...
Here are some gadgets to make a better coffee, La Kaffa. The water boiling machine by the Freser together with the coffee holders to make out the fresh coffee straight from the La Kaffa coffee bean. As I know that coffee bean are mostly imported from Brazil or Italy. We are using the Italy one, for the type of coffee I think it should be the arabica one... not sure with that!
The plastic bags of La Kaffa coffee! Recyclable one...
A cup of cappucino that we done for ourselves... not really nice but just for fun! Making a nice coffee is so cool and fun... so are you interested to become a coffee barista too??
That's me and my supervisor bro Max together with our boss Mr Lee! We are all in purple just like the La Kaffa coffee theme colour! We love La Kaffa, are you??
Yes! If you are interested to become one of us... wish to have a relationship with La Kaffa... just take up your phone and call to Mr Lee 0173667063 to arrange the appointment for job interview! Yes of course walk-in interview is much appreciated... Go and take a try! it's at AEON Station 18, KF1! Posted by GenYong 27.04.2012   


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