Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drinks in Gurney Plaza

Yo guys, I think I had settle down from my working life and started my study life again in college! College life was fun and I really can enjoy the moments of study! For the 1st semester, my college Friday does not have classes unless there are any replacement. So I was back to my secondary school Chung Ling High School to take a look and meet up my previous friends who studied in Form 6 as I posted on previous post!
After that I went to Gurney Plaza just for random movie but too bad my friend suddenly got things to do so I just cancelled it. So what I do in Gurney Plaza? Just hang out around, walk around for nothing! xD. I went to visit my previous colleagues in Chatime, chit chatting with them for nearly an hour. Cool!
As I took my camera along I will snap here and there, so I just walked around at Gurney Plaza and checked out their retailers shops. I found that Gurney Plaza seems to be more interesting than Queensbay Mall. The management of Gurney Plaza was good and they keep on maintaining the shopping mall and attract a lot of shoppers shop at there!
In Gurney Plaza there was a lot of desserts stores such as Chatime, ShareTea, 6Celcious, Meet Fresh, CoolBlog and many more... This few years the trend had changed from donuts to bubble tea and even to frozen yogurt now! Well, nowadays people used to spend up more to get dessert after a meal. That's why you can see when lunch time in Chatime Queensbay Mall there will have a long crowd outside the shop! So do you like that also? Posted by GenYong 15.05.2012

*I will post more about 6Celcious in following blog post.


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