Friday, May 11, 2012

Cadbury Chocolate Fair @ Queensbay Mall

This was happened long time ago, around 1 month I think. Cadbury Chocolate is a well known chocolate in Malaysia which themed in purple colour. I like chocolates and I was glad to see that this chocolate had happened in Queensbay Mall. This was happened while I was working at Chatime last month! Let's take a look on the chocolate fair and see what's special inside.
Cadbury chocolate themed the exhibition as Share The Happiness which encourage more consumers living in happiness via eating their chocolates. I like the design of the overall exhibition site, especially the chocolate tree and also the flying airplane in the middle of the hall. It really bring much happiness for everyone of course included me!
I think this exhibition was prepared with a lot of efforts from the organizer. It's really a big project to set up the exhibition site, besides the chocolate trees, flying airplane, there were also a chocolate fountain, cadbury mascot, games section, projection screening and many more... It was like a chocolate wonderland!
I was glad to have the chance took photos with the cadbury mascot... The mascot was so cute and attractive, there was many children grabbing the chance to take photos with it! 
The organizer also provided some family games for those family to participate on it and also some games for children like customizing their own chocolate, taking photos in the cadbury wonderland or tasting for the fruit chocolate instantly at the exhibition site. I went there while I was having break time and bought some chocolates back to Chatime and taste it too! This Cadbury Chocolate Fair really awesome, I like it... do you like chocolates? Posted by GenYong 11.05.2012


Nicholas Chan said...

Nice event you went. It'd been so long that I didn't go Queensbay Mall already.

GenYong said...

@Nicholas yup I was walking there for around 3 months and many fairs or exhibitions there! hahaha... not bad la! Queensbay Mall ah, not nice ady, old liao... hahaha!

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