Monday, October 10, 2011

4th Anniversary Series : Chung Ling International Student Camp 2011

Previously, when I was checking my photos folder I saw some CLISC photos haven't update to my blog. So I think I will take the opportunities here to share it out for the last post of 4th Anniversary Series Blog Post. It will be a long post which full of pictures, do check it out!
For the last day in school, all the International Camp participants were taken part on the sports activities at school. At first they were lead to run the school field for two rounds after that went into the school hall for morning exercise.
They had the dance which leading by the Sports Technical member Shi Hao and Wae Samm. Both of them are the well dancer in school. So both of them lead everyone to dance on the morning dance with the rock song! Party Rock Anthem... everyone seems to be addicted on it. After that, they did played the telematch and such like competition with other teams. It was just like a team building game.
Oh yeah... they had won the match. For those teams who had won on the telematch get awarded for the medals. By the way, the medals were so nice! With the Penang Island shape and the memorable words on "CLISC 2011 Telematch", it's worth to keep it as a souvenir!
The next day and also the last day for them to be in this camp. The closing ceremony was started in a "down" mood for everyone. Everyone seems to be missing everyone and some of them were even cry on that day. Tears lot from everyone and somebody seems to be strong and swear to be friends forever after this camp.
There you can see everyone was busying put their signature on each participants shirt as a souvenir. Proving that they never forget their friends name! Some even exchange their contact details before the event started.
Everyone was sitting down and listen to the organizer for the thank you speech instead. They also took the opportunities and also grab the chance to share with each other before leaving everyone. I could see that they had a lot of things to be shared throughout the 7 days camp.
Each school or each team representatives were performing the final dances in the closing ceremony. They were trying to cheer everyone up instead of the down mood. Some of them were joined into the dance and dance together on the floor!
There was the sharing session from each school representatives. They had shared out their experiences and fun throughout this 7 days. Some of them even spoke with tears out on the stage. Although I am not the organizer, I was glad to hear that they were like our service to them and also our place together they promised to come back again! Welcome to Penang again...
Some of the participants' shirt were full of signatures. The purpose of putting the signature on the shirt is to remember someone easily. It's a better way than putting signature on paper on note pad... Because you won't open that note pad every day but for shirt of course you will wear it sometime.
Everyone listening to the sharing from every participants.
Tears out from their eyes. This was happened that when one Vietnam school students was leaving to airport and back to their country already. So everyone was seems to be down again and keep on cheering each other. The atmosphere there was uncontrollable and everyone turned to be down and tears out.
Everything will come to the end. Said goodbye to everyone, hug each other and they leaved the school compound earlier. I could see some of them really leaved with tears.
Who not yet leave were putting their signature on each other's shirt.
After lunch there were some performances by the organizing team. All of them gather together in front of the stage and singing the "We Are The World" which by Michael Jackson and meant that we are together in the world. Friendship never ends because of leaving.
Hugging everyone after watch the video showing on the screen.
The video was made by the organizer team that collected everyone's photos throughout this 7 days. The song that played was originate composed by the organizing team! It was a good song to listen. I will share here after I could find that file.
My friend Chong Yee and Khai Lun was tried to cheer up their Vietnam's friend before he leaved the school. He was crying seriously because of missing the beautiful school compound and also the both good friends. He had came to this camp since last year. Chong Yee and Khai Lun bought some souvenir and gifts to him as well.
Ya finally it's a big group photos time! Everyone was grabbing the chance to take the group photos. Mostly were the organizer and they cheered that the project as well as the international student camp had finally well done through out this 7 days. Again to mention, there will be having the 3rd International Student Camp next year... so will you join it? Posted by GenYong 10.10.2011


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